Primary Six

Unit 6

Practice Test 1 

Name ________________________ Date ____________

A. Language Functions   (5 marks)

1. Finish the following dialogue with these words.   (3 marks)

Rania:          ___________ Cairo hotter than Dahab today?

Zeina:          No, it isn't. It's 35 ___________.

Rania:          What about Dahab?

Zeina:          It's 39 degrees.

Rania:          Oh, I can’t ____________ today. It’s too hot!

2. Choose the correct answer from a, b or c.   (2 marks)

1. Ahmed: Did you visit Sharm El Sheikh on your holiday?

    Bashir: ___________________________.

          a) Yes, I did.

          b) Yes, it is.

          c) Yes, I do.

2. Fatin: __________________________?

    Sara: I had a good time.  It was hot!

          a) Is Cairo hotter than Port Said?

          b) How was your trip?

          c) What did you learn?

B. Reading Comprehension   (8 marks)

3. Read and match.   (4 marks)



1. Is Aswan hotter than Cairo?

a. dive in Sharm El Sheikh.

2. There is a Sound and Light Show

b. 111 metres high.

3. Today is

c. hotter than yesterday.

4. We can swim and

d. every evening.


e. Yes, it is.

4. Read the following then answer the questions.   (4 marks)

          There are many places in Egypt to visit. In winter, you can travel to Luxor or Aswan and enjoy the warm, sunny weather. In summer, you can visit Alexandria. It is colder than Cairo. In the spring, you can visit Sharm El Sheikh. You can swim, dive and see the fish.

1. Where can you go in winter?


2. What can you do in Sharm El Sheikh?


3. This reading is about _____.

          a) places to visit in Egypt

          b) the weather in Alexandria

          c) ancient temples in Luxor

4. It refers to _____.

          a) Alexandria

          b) Cairo

          c) Aswan

C. Usage and Writing   (9 marks)

5. Choose the correct answer from a, b or c.   (3 marks)

1. Aswan is always hotter _____ Cairo.

          a) in                      b) about                c) than

2. Yesterday it was 32 degrees in Cairo. Today it is 30. Today is _____ than yesterday.

          a) hotter               b) cold                   c) colder

3. Cairo is _____ than Hurghada. 

          a) big                    b) bigger               c) hot

4. Did you _____ Assiut on your holiday?

          a) visit                  b) visited              c) visits

5. There are some _____ in Hurghada.

          a) islands               b) dams                 c) pharaohs

6. Tourists can take a _____ by boat.

          a) ship                  b) travel                c) trip

6. Write questions using the words in brackets.   (3 marks)

1.       ___________________________________________ (How)

          I had a good time.

2.       ___________________________________________ (Is)

          No, Alexandria is colder than Cairo.

3.       ___________________________________________ (Where)

          Sinai is in the east of Egypt.

7. Look at the following pictures, then write a sentence describing each.   (3 marks)

1. ____________________________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________________________

3. ____________________________________________________________

D. Punctuation and Handwriting   (3 marks)

8. Punctuate the following sentence.   (2 marks)

what did soha learn about sinai today 


9. Copy the following sentence.   (1 mark)

Tourists can fly from Cairo to Hurghada.