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> Revision D


Primary Six

Revision D

Practice Test 1


Name _______________________________ Date _________________

A.  Language Functions

1. Finish the following dialogue with these words.

always - in the morning - made of - How often


What is this?


It's my guitar.


____________ do you play it?


I ____________ play it at the weekend.


What’s it ____________?


It’s made of wood.












 2. Choose the correct answer from a, b or c.



Could you write when you were three?






a. No, I couldn't.



b. Yes, I couldn’t.



c. No, I can't.






I always meet my friends in the evening.



a. Where did you meet your friends?



b. Could you meet your family?



c. How often do you meet your friends?

B.  Reading Comprehension 

3. Read and match.



1. I sometimes

a. No, it’s not.

2. “Short” is the opposite

b. can’t talk.

3. Blind people

c. can't see.

4. Is your shirt made of cotton?

d. sleep after lunch.


e. of “long.”

4. Read the following, then answer the questions:

     Ayman likes music. Ayman always listens to music. Last year, Ayman's  father bought a guitar for him on his birthday. Ayman’s father bought Ayman lessons from a music teacher, too. Before the lessons, Ayman couldn’t play the guitar.  Now, after his lessons, Ayman always plays the guitar in the evenings. It’s beautiful.

Answer the following questions:


What did Ayman’s father buy for Ayman’s birthday last year?




Could Ayman play the guitar before his lessons?



Choose the correct answer from a, b or c:


The text is about __________.


a) Ayman and his guitar


b) Ayman and his drawing 


c) Ayman and his father


His refers to __________ .


a) Ayman’s father


b) Ayman’s


c) Ayman’s friend

     C.  Usage and Writing

5. Choose the correct answer from a, b or c.


He could play the guitar when he _____ ten.


a) was

b) were

c)  is


Can you _____ from twenty to fifty quickly?


a) fly

b) spell

c) count


How often _____ she help her brother?


a) do

b) doing

c) does


He bought two _____ to travel by bus.


a) jugs

b) purses

c) tickets


Siwa is a town in the _____.


a) park

b) desert

c) pool


She always _____ her sister with her lessons.


a) helps

b) help

c) helping

6. Write questions using the words in brackets.


My jacket is made of leather. (What)




We always play football every week. (How often)




He could speak English when he was seven. (Could)



7. Look at the following pictures, then write a sentence describing each:

            a                       b                      c

a. _________________________________________________________

b. _________________________________________________________

c. _________________________________________________________

D.  Punctuation and Handwriting

8. Punctuate the following sentence.

is sara s jacket made of cotton


9. Copy the following sentence.

I bought a gold necklace for my mother yesterday.




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