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Primary Six

Revision D

Practice Test 2


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A.  Language Functions

1. Finish the following dialogue with these words.

made - did - expensive - make


What ____________ you buy for your mother?


I bought her an ____________ bag.


What is it ____________ of?


It's made of leather.


Great! It’s a beautiful bag.









2. Choose the correct answer from a, b or c.



What are your sunglasses made of?






a. It's made of cotton.



b. They're made of plastic.



c. Yes, they are.






No, I couldn't.



a. Could you write songs when you were two?



b. What could you do when you were two?



c. How often do you go out?

B.  Reading Comprehension 

3. Read and match.



1. He could ride a bike,

a. She always eats it every day.

2. “Soft” is the

b. he is a musician.

3. How often does she eat fruit?

c. but he couldn't drive a car.

4. Is the chair made of wood?

d. opposite of “hard.”


e. Yes, it is.

4. Read the following, then answer the questions:

     Salwa went shopping with her mother yesterday. They bought lots of things. They bought a jug made of glass and scissors made of metal. They can use them in the kitchen. Salwa also bought black shoes made of leather for school. They look shiny. They also bought shelves for the kitchen.

Answer the following questions:


What are Salwa's shoes made of?




Where can they use the scissors and jug?



Choose the correct answer from a, b or c:


The text is about __________.


a) scissors


b) what Salwa and her mother bought


c) Salwa’s shoes


They refers to __________.


a) Salwa and her mother


b) the scissors


c) the leather shoes

 C.  Usage and Writing

5. Choose the correct answer from a, b or c.


How ____________ do you clean the house?


a) many

b) often

c) long


My friend Jason sent me an ____________ last night.


a) letter

b) e-mails

c) e-mail


Tamer goes to a school for the ____________ because he can’t see.


a) wonderful

b) blind

c) famous


You must wear ____________ on your feet.


a) socks

b) glasses

c) scissors


They ____________ walk to school when they were three.


a) can’t

b) weren’t

c) couldn’t


Can you climb this ____________? It is very high.


a) sea

b) mountain

c) lake

 6. Rearrange the following words to make meaningful sentences:


couldn’t - he - Ahmed - sing - when - four - was - .




yesterday - Sami - Where - go - did - ?




is - The - made - gold - necklace - of - .



7. Look at the following pictures, then write a sentence describing each:

            a                       b                      c

a. _________________________________________________________

b. _________________________________________________________

c. _________________________________________________________

D.  Punctuation and Handwriting

8 Punctuate the following sentence.

ahmed and mohsen can t play basketball


9 Copy the following sentence.

Can you help me make dinner today?



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