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Primary 6

Unit 2

Practice Test 2


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A. Language Functions

1 Finish the following dialogue with these words.

Kamal:        It’s half past seven! I’ve got homework.
Medhat:     Yes, you _______________ do your homework.
Kamal:        Yes, and I must sleep early.
Medhat:     You _______________ forget your English books.
Kamal:        I must go to school _______________. I mustn’t be late!
2 Choose the correct answer from a, b or c.
1 A: What mustn’t we do in small canals?
 B: ___________________________.
1.     We must look right and left.
2.    We mustn't swim.
3.    We must be early.
2 A: __________________________?
   B: It means you mustn't use mobile phones in the museum.
1.     What do you mean?
2.    What about you?
3.    What does this sign mean?
B. Reading Comprehension
3 Read and match

1. Where mustn’t we swim?
a. I must listen to the teacher.
2. What must you do in school?
b. You mustn’t take a photo.
3. What does the sign mean?
c. when you ride a bike.
4. You must wear a helmet
d. in small canals.
e. when the light is red.

4 Read the following then answer the questions.
          Karim and Ayman are brothers. They go to the museum on their holiday. At the museum, they see three signs. Sign 1 means they mustn’t take photos. Sign 2 means they mustn’t smoke anywhere. Sign 3 means they must be quiet. There are lots of rules at the museum!
Answer the following questions:
1. Where do Karim and Ayman go on their holiday?
2. What does sign 3 mean?
Choose the correct answer:
3. There are lots of _______________ at the museum.
a) friends
b) brothers
c) rules
4. What does “their” mean?
a) Ayman’s
b) Karim’s
c) Karim and Ayman’s
C. Usage and Writing
5. Choose the correct answer from a, b or c.
1. You must remember the school _______________.
a) sign           b) rules                 c) helmet
2. You must stop _______________ the light is red.
a) when          b) what                 c) where
3. You _______________ help your mother in the kitchen.
a) must          b) mustn't             c) go
4. What does "safely" _______________?
a) meant        b) means                c) mean
5. You must look left and right when you cross a _______________.
a) exit           b) goats                c) road
6. _______________ the classroom, you must listen to the teacher.
a) When                  b) Where              c) In
6. Write questions using the words in brackets.
1. You must wear a helmet when you ride a bike. (when)
2. You mustn’t shout in the classroom. (where)
3. You must do your homework. (what)
7. Look at the following pictures, then write a sentence describing each.
2. ___________________________________________________________
3. ___________________________________________________________
D. Punctuation and Handwriting
8. Punctuate the following sentence.
farah and samah use marwa s mobile phone
9. Copy the following sentence.
You must sleep early when you have school.

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