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> Unit 3


 Primary 6

Unit 3

Practice Test 1

Name ______________________   Date _______________

A. Language Functions

1. Finish the following dialogue with these words.

Medhat:     Let's go to the club. We can play tennis.

Sameh:      I ______________ like playing tennis. I like playing football.

Medhat:     I like _____________ football, too.

Sameh:      Yes, _____________ go to the club now.

2. Choose the correct answer from a, b or c.

1. A: What do you like eating?

   B: ___________________________.

                   a. I like eating ice cream.

                   b. Yes, I do.

                   c. No, I don't.

2. A: __________________________?

   B: Yes, we can.

                   a. Where’s he from?

                   b. Can we have a rest?

                   c. What did you do?

B. Reading Comprehension

3. Read and match.



1. They like playing

a. town in the desert.

2. It’s a beautiful

b. and scoring goals.

3. I’m using

c. the computer in the computer room.

4. He likes

d. Yes, I do.


e. coming to school on time.

4. Read the following then answer the questions.

To:  Tamer

From:  Samy

Dear Tamer,

          I like reading. I’m reading an amazing book now. Every night, I read a page.   There are new rules in our house. We mustn’t watch television when we’ve got homework. We must help mother every day. We must sleep early.

See you soon.


Answer the following questions.

1. What does Samy like doing?



2. When does Samy read?



Choose the correct answer.

3. Samy ___________________ help mother every day.

a) must

b) reading

c) mustn’t

4. Who wrote this e-mail?

a) Samy

b) Tamer

c) Samy's mother

C. Usage and Writing

5. Choose the correct answer from a, b or c.

1. Sara ____________ reading books.

a) like            b) likes                  c) don’t like

2. There is no water in the ____________.

a) desert                 b) river                 c) sea

3. My school is ___________ 1 kilometre from my house.

a) must          b) about                c) where

4. We saw ____________ houses in Giza.

a) grass                   b) traditional         c) carts

5. ___________ she like watching TV?

a) Does                    b) Do           c) Is

6. Ahmed likes ____________ goals.

a) playing                 b) taking               c) scoring

6. Write questions using the words in brackets.

1. Yes, I like eating ice cream. (Do)


2. In July, we went to Al Fayoum. (Where)


3. Sally is from Cairo. (Where)


7. Look at the following pictures, then write a sentence describing each.

1. ____________________________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________________________

3. ____________________________________________________________

D. Punctuation and Handwriting

8. Punctuate the following sentence.

mustafa s friend doesn t like using the computer


9. Copy the following sentence.

Kamal's family always travels to Alexandria for the summer holiday.




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