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Primary 6

Unit 3

Practice Test 2


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A.  Language Functions

1. Finish the following dialogue with these words.

Sherif:    Today’s Friday!

Karim:      Let's ___________ to Kamal's farm.

Sherif:    OK, I ____________ going there.

Karim:      I also like going there.

Sherif:    I like ___________ fresh fruits and vegetables.

2. Choose the correct answer from a, b or c.

1. A: What did you see in Giza?

   B: ___________________________.

          a) I can see the lion.

          b) I saw the pyramids.

          c) Yes, I like going there.

2. A: __________________________?

    B: No, he doesn’t likes playing volleyball.

          a) Does he like playing volleyball?

          b) Does he like eating vegetables?

          c) Does he like reading books?

B. Reading Comprehension

3. Read and match



1. We write e-mail on a

a. forget.

2. Remember is the opposite of

b. late.

3. The opposite of early is

c. left.

4. The opposite of must is

d. mustn’t.


e. computer.

4. Read the following then answer the questions.

          Tamer and Ashraf are friends. They like swimming and playing basketball. Today was Tamer’s birthday. He turned eleven. First, Tamer and Ashraf went to the swimming pool. Then they had a rest and ate cake and ice cream. Tamer got a present from Ashraf. It was a new basketball!    

Answer the following questions:

1. What was today?



2. What does Tamer like doing?



Choose the correct answer:

3. Tamer and Ashraf _______________.

a) played on the computer

b) scored goals

c) ate cake and ice cream

4. It means _______________.

a) Tamer’s present

b) Tamer and Ashraf

c) Ashraf

C. Usage and Writing 

5. Choose the correct answer from a, b or c.

1. You are tired. You can ____________ a rest.

a) have                    b) give                  c) cross

2. The school is ____________ twenty-five kilometres from my house.

a) at                        b)  from                c) about

3. ___________ do you like doing?

a) When                  b) What                c) How

4. We should have ____________ water.

a) pure                    b) quiet                c) safely

5. ___________ eat ice cream.

a) Let's                   b) Does                           c) Can

6. She doesn’t like ____________ football.

a) playing                 b) play                   c) plays

6. Write questions using the words in brackets.

1. No, he doesn’t like visiting new cities. (Does)


2. I went back to school last month. (When)


3. I use the computer in the school room. (Where)


7. Look at the following pictures, then write a sentence describing each.

1. ____________________________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________________________

3. ____________________________________________________________

D. Punctuation and Handwriting

8. Punctuate the following sentence.

did you send an e-mail to mr atef


9. Copy the following sentence.

I like swimming in the swimming pool every Saturday.




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