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> Unit 10


Primary 6

Language Focus

Unit 10

Name __________________________ Date _____________

1. Finish the dialogue with these words.

present – made – shiny - is

Sara: Your shoes are ____________. Are they new?

Mona: Yes. They are a present from my mother.

Sara:  I have a new ____________, too. Look at my sunglasses!

Mona: What are they ____________ of?

Sara:  They’re made of plastic.

2. Using the picture, fill in the blanks with these words.

comb - made - stone - metal - leather


There are many things in Tamer’s room. You can see a ____________ made of plastic. You can see a statue made of ____________. Nader’s shoes and bag are made of ____________. The shelves are ____________ of wood.

3. Using the pictures, write four sentences about what these things are made of.

a.  ________________________________________________________

b.  ________________________________________________________

c.  ________________________________________________________

d.  ________________________________________________________

4. Put the following pictures in the correct box according to what they are made of.















































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