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> Unit 5


Primary 6

Unit 5

Practice Test 1

Name ___________________________ Date ____________

A. Language Functions   (5 marks)

1. Finish the following dialogue with these words.   (3 marks)

Rami:           Michael Owen was _______________ in England.

Nader:        That's right. _______________ was he born?

Rami:           He was born in 1979. He plays football well.

Nader:        Yes, he is a famous _______________

2. Choose the correct answer from a, b or c.   (2 marks)

1        Ali: Was Ayman born in Cairo?

          Bashir: ___________________________.

                   a. Yes, he was.

                   b. No, he didn't.

                   c. No, he isn't.

 2       Mona: _________________________?

          Samia: I was born in 1977.

                   a. Were you born in Egypt?

                   b. When were you born?

                   c. Who was born in Egypt?

B. Reading Comprehension   (8 marks)

3. Read and match.   (4 marks)

1. My friend Sara

a. Yes, he is.

2. Is he a teacher?

b. was born in the winter?

3. Sam and Ramy were

c. I was there, too.

4. Who

d. born in 1997.


e. was born in Suez.

4. Read the following then answer the questions.   (4 marks)

          There are many famous English writers. One is Doctor Suess. Doctor Suess wrote 40 books for children. He wrote The Cat in the Hat and One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. Doctor Suess was born in 1904 in the United States. You can enjoy his books in the library.

1. Who was born in 1904?


2. Where was Doctor Suess born?


3. Doctor Suess is a famous __________.

          a. swimmer

          b. writer

          c. footballer

4. Doctor Suess wrote books for __________.

          a. sports

          b. children

          c. books

C. Usage and Writing   (9 marks)

5. Choose the correct answer from a, b or c.   (3 marks)

1. You mustn't__________ in the library.

          a) think                 b) talk                   c) read

2. I work hard. The teacher says “__________”

          a) Well done!          b) Yes, you are.      c) No.

3. Naguib Mahfouz’s books are __________ the library.

          a) under                 b) in                      c) on

4. 1900 is three years __________ 1897.

          a) after                 b) before              c) in

5. Kareem __________ born in Alexandria.

          a) were                  b) is                      c) was

6. Hossam and Ibrahim Hassan are __________.

          a) writers              b) footballers        c) swimmers

6. Rearrange the following words to make meaningful sentences.   (3 marks)

1. father – was – in - Ahmed's – born – Cairo  .


2. name – your – is - grandfather's - What  ?


3. the – went – I – to – yesterday – library .


7. Look at the following pictures, then write a sentence describing each.   (3 marks)

1. ____________________________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________________________

3. ____________________________________________________________

D. Punctuation and Handwriting   (3 marks)

8. Punctuate the following sentence.   (2 marks)

serena williams was born in michigan


9. Copy the following sentence.   (1 mark)

Famous people can be footballers, writers and many other things.




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