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> Unit 6


Primary Six

Unit 6

Practice Test 2

Name ___________________________ Date ____________

A. Language Functions   (5 marks)

1. Finish the following dialogue with these words.   (3 marks)

Bashir:         ____________ was your trip to Hurghada?

Seif:            I had a good time. The weather was hot.

Bashir:         _____________ did you do there?
Seif:            I went diving and  _____________.  

Bashir:         Great!

2. Choose the correct answer from a, b or c.   (2 marks)

1. Mona:  Did you visit Sharm El Sheikh on your holiday?

    Zeina: ___________________________.

          a. Yes, it’s hotter.

          b. It's an island.

          c. Yes, I did.

 2. Tamer: __________________________?

      Mustafa: Yes, it is.

          a. Is Cairo hotter than Alexandria?

          b. Where is it hotter?

          c. Who went to Alexandria?

B. Reading Comprehension   (8 marks)

3. Read and match.   (4 marks)



1. Engineers built the High Dam

a. diving in the Red Sea.

2. Hesham is

b. than Assiut.

3. Paris is colder

c. a fishing village.

4. Today it is

d. between 1960 and 1971.


e. twenty-five degrees.

4. Read the following then answer the questions.   (4 marks)

          Come to Sharm El Sheikh!  It is a resort on the Red Sea. Many tourists visit it. They dive, swim and rest on the beaches. Sharm El Sheikh is hotter than Hurghada. You can visit a famous park called Ras Mohamed. There you can dive and see many beautiful fish.

1. Where is Sharm El Sheikh?   


2. What do tourists do in Sharm El Sheikh?


3. Sharm El Sheikh is _____ than Hurghada.

          a) hotter

          b) colder

          c) hot

4. There refers to _____.

          a) Hurghada

          b) Sharm El Sheikh

          c) Ras Mohamed

C. Usage and Writing   (9 marks)

5. Choose the correct answer from a, b or c.   (3 marks)

1. They went _____ holiday yesterday.

          a) on                      b) at                     c) in

2. It's 40 _____ in Aswan today.

          a) metres              b) degrees            c) marks

3. I can't read his handwriting. It's very _____.

          a) amazing             b) clear                 c) tiny

4. Luxor is always hotter _____ Alexandria.

          a) than                  b) that                 c) from

5. Read this _____ about Hurghada.

          a) resort               b) leaf                   c) leaflet

6. He goes to school by bike. He likes _____.

          a) cycling               b) flying                c) diving

6. Rearrange the following words to make meaningful sentences.   (3 marks)

1. Cairo / than / always / is / colder / Alexandria .


2. than / it’s / yesterday / Today / hotter .


3. Aswan - High Dam - the - built - and - Engineers – near .


7. Look at the following pictures, then write a sentence describing each.   (3 marks)

1. _________________________________________________________


2. _________________________________________________________


3 _________________________________________________________

D. Punctuation and Handwriting   (3 marks)

8. Punctuate the following sentence.   (2 marks)

the high dam is 111 metres high


9. Copy the following sentence.   (1 mark)

Hurghada is a beautiful resort beside the Red Sea.



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