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> Unit 13


 Primary 6

Language Focus

Unit 13

Name ____________________________________ Date _______________

1.  Complete the dialogue with these words.

long - shorter - shortest - library 


Where did you go yesterday?


I went to the ____________.  I got a book of stories to read. One is very interesting.


Is the book ____________?


No, it’s ____________ than the book I got last month.


I’d like to read it too.


OK. I can give it to you on Wednesday.

2.  Using the picture, fill in the blanks with words from the box.


biggest – older – longer - sent - longest 

My friend Jeanne is from France. She ____________ me an e-mail about her visit to Egypt last month. She went to Cairo, the ____________ city in Africa. She sailed on the ____________ river in the world, the Nile. She had a wonderful trip.


Here are some interesting facts from the internet. Write five sentences. Write one about each part. How many different sentences can you and your friends write?



The Niger River is longer than the Zambezi River.

The Zambezi River is shorter than the Niger River.

a. ___________________________________________________________

b. ___________________________________________________________

c. ___________________________________________________________

d. ___________________________________________________________

c. ___________________________________________________________


Draw a picture of your family below. Then, write five sentences about your family. Use these words in any of their forms. (For example, old/older/oldest)

old      young      short      tall 

a. ____________________________________________________________

b. ____________________________________________________________

c. ____________________________________________________________

d. ____________________________________________________________

e. ____________________________________________________________


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