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> Unit 9


Primary Six

Unit 9

Practice Test 1


Name ___________________________ Date _____________

A. Language Functions
1. Finish the following dialogue with these words. 

Tarek:         ____________ you walk for 15 minutes every day?
Samir:         Yes. I must get lots of exercise. I drink lots of water, too.
Tarek:         ____________ do you drink lots of water? 
Samir:         ____________ I want to be healthy.
Tarek:         I want to be healthy, too. Can you help me?
2. Choose the correct answer from a, b or c.
1. A: What time do you go to bed?
   B: ___________________________.
          a. I want to keep fit.
          b. It's healthy.
          c. At ten o'clock.
2. A: __________________________?
    B: Yes, they are.
          a. Do you drink water every day?
          b. Are vegetables good for you?
          c. Why does Nada eat lots of vegetables?
B. Reading Comprehension
3. Read and match.
1. I brush
a. be healthy.
2. She has breakfast
b. every day?
3. I want to
c. Don't worry.
4. Do you walk
d. my teeth after every meal.
e. at quarter past seven.
4. Read the following then answer the questions.
Hesham works in a hospital. He gets up at quarter past six every day. He has breakfast. Then, he brushes his teeth. He walks to work at half past seven because he wants exercise. At six o'clock, he arrives at home by bus. He has dinner with his wife and children.
1. What time does Hesham go to work?
2. How does Hesham come home from work?
3. Hesham ____________ at quarter past six.
          a. goes to work
          b. brushes his teeth
          c. gets up
4. His refers to ____________.
          a. Hesham
          b. Hesham's wife
          c. Hesham's wife and children
C. Usage and Writing
5. Choose the correct answer from a, b or c.
1. I want __________ healthy.
          a) being                 b) to be                 c) am
2. __________ do you get up every day? 
          a) How high b) What time       c) How much
3. He __________ dinner at eight o'clock.
          a) have                  b) is           c) has
4. I drink two __________ of water every day.
          a) minutes             b) litres                 c) dishes
5. __________ your best in the test. 
          a) Do                    b) Did                   c) To do
6. He __________ in a boat in Damietta.
          a) swam                 b) dived                 c) sailed
6. Rearrange the following to make meaningful sentences.
1. vegetables - of - Choose - and - fruit - lots
2. fifteen - day - every - Walk - minutes - for
3. go - eight - school - to - I - at - quarter - to
7. Look at the following pictures, then write a sentence describing
         a                     b                      c
D. Punctuation and Handwriting
8. Punctuate the following sentence.
does hossam s brother eat healthy food
9. Copy the following sentence.
We must eat healthy food and get lots of exercise.

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